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Run Fido Run is the first Mobile Dog Gym in Houston. There's no arguing that Houston is unbearably hot & humid. Now imagine how much worse it is for our four-legged family members. That's why Run Fido Run was born. Our Mobile Dog Gym is climate-controlled and equipped with safe, dog-powered(self-propelled) treadmills specifically made for dogs. Not only does your Fido get to workout at their own pace(be it a leisurely stroll, trot, or full out run), but they get to do it in a safe, cool environment where the risk of heatstroke is greatly reduced. Give us a call and we'll come by with our Mobile Dog Gym and give your FIDO a workout session they'll be sure to enjoy. Let Your Dog Have Fun, Call Run Fido Run!

About Me

Reasons To Exercise Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs need a proper and grueling exercise regiment to stay healthy, happy, and in shape, especially working dog breeds. By giving your dog a real workout they'll not only be physically fit, but they'll be mentally fit as well due to the amount of concentration and focus put into each workout session. Most importantly, your dog will be so much happier knowing a task has been completed successfully by them.


 Below are a few of the many reasons to give us a try.

  • No more worry about burnt paw pads from the hot concrete.

  • Risk of heat exhaustion is drastically reduced.

  • Quells destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture and clothes or dumpster diving in the kitchen.

  • Helps with an obese or overweight dog (almost 56% of all dogs in the United States).

  • It's mentally stimulating exercise for your dog. 

  • Physical therapy/rehab after a medical procedure.

  • No yard space to run as free and as hard as they'd like to.

  • Playtime gets too rough with the biting and jumping.

  • Houston's extremely hot and humid climate is terrible for Brachycephalic breeds (French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs, etc). 


There is a famous saying, "A tired dog is a good dog" and it is definitely true, so book a running session for your dog with Run Fido Run and see for yourself. Not only is a tired dog a good dog, but a tired dog is a happy dog too. 

Reasons To Exercise Your Dog

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